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Stokes Capital Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor based in Greenwood County, South Carolina. We provide fee based investment counsel to individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations. We are an independent, employee owned investment advisory firm dedicated to helping investors plan and invest for a secure financial future.

We recognize that every client is unique and may require a different approach to achieve the financial goals important to you.  Our firm is dedicated to providing solutions for private clients that make financial dreams a reality.  Simply put, we strive to be our client’s trusted financial advisor.  It starts with a conversation…..join us.

Our Services


Financial Planning

A successful investment experience starts with a carefully crafted financial plan. Solutions may include retirement, tax, college savings, wealth transfer, and asset allocation. Our approach to financial planning starts with gaining a clear understanding of your financial goals. This is best...

Tax Efficient Investing

One of the major detractors of investment performance for private clients can be taxes. Portfolios comprised of individual securities, tax efficient exchange traded funds, municipal bonds and master limited partnerships are among a few ways we assist private clients in keeping more of what they earn...

Strategic Asset Allocation

The discipline of asset allocation is at the core of any portfolio management process as it should be given that the decision on how to allocate your investments is a major determinant of portfolio performance. Our approach to diversification is expanded beyond the basic allocation of stocks, bonds...

Dividend Growth Investing

At the core of our portfolio construction process is a carefully selected group of common stocks that have consistently increased their dividends over a long period of time. Historically, dividends have accounted for a significant portion of total return. In addition, research confirms that...

Investment Management

Our investment advisory service follows a strict investment discipline while portfolio construction remains highly client centric and focused on meeting the individual needs of our clients. Our approach balances the discipline of the investment process with individual client needs to arrive at an...

Our Team

Operations Director

Lynda is responsible for the day to day operations for the firm. In addition, she performs various administrative duties...

Client Services

Cindy is primarily responsible for client services and performs various administrative duties for the firm. She is a...

Managing Director

Mr. Stokes is primarily responsible for the firm’s investment strategy and portfolio construction. Mr. Stokes has 25...

Dedicated to helping investors plan and invest for a secure financial future.

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Global equities reversed course during the quarter, trading back to the closing levels of early June. Rising bond yields growing concerns over the prospects of the Federal Reserve engineering a soft landing for the U.S. economy weighed on global equity markets during the quarter.

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Stokes Capital Commentary 2023 Q1

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Global markets started the new year on a positive note with bonds and equities posting gains for Q1. A welcome reprieve from the sharp declines in both bonds and stocks last year.

Market Commentary February 25, 2022

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On Thursday (2/24/22) Russia took the first steps in what the news has termed an invasion of Ukraine. Not surprisingly, this has led to major market corrections around the world.